Dear Minnie,

When I heard that your first mom that adopted you was looking for a home for you, my heart went out to you. I wanted to give you a forever home. I didn’t know at the time that your owner had cancer and that was why she was really looking for a home for you. I begged your daddy to let me have you. He had to think about it since we already had your brother Alfie, the black Pomeranian. A couple weeks later it was time to make a decision and he agreed. As soon as he got home, he saw you and fell in love with you. As I got to know you, I fell in love with you more than any other dog I ever owned. You are my companion. You stick to my side no matter where I am. You know when I am sick and will not leave me. I can see the worry on your face. You are the most loving and fun dog I have ever owned. I think maybe I needed you more than you needed me. You have given me comfort throughout my battle with my sickness. When I was in the hospital I missed you terribly. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Daddy said you walked around the house for hours trying to find me. You are a truly a blessing from God. We love you!

Breed: Miniature Pinscher


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