Dear Lizzi,

Where to begin…

You have been with me for 12 years now and they have been the best years ever. I remember the day I picked you from the litter–or should I say the day you picked me. I still have the shirt I was wearing when I met you. You were the puppy I have dreamed about since I could remember. You came into my life when you were 7 1/2 weeks old and my whole world came to life :).

You are always there for me when I was sad , crying and nobody else cared–you were there no matter what. When I come home you are always waiting with your wagging tail, so happy to see me. You are such a trooper to let your mamma dress you up in all those crazy outfits, paint your nails hot pink & even let me pierce your ear–you are truly my little girl <3!

You have such a fantastic personality and there isn’t a person who doesn’t like you with your bubbly self. You are always so happy and you have cheered up so many peoples heart. You are literally the sunshine in my life. Thank you for loving me for who I am. I can’t even express how much I love you. You are my little Angel looking over me.

I Love you Lizzi, today and forever.

Your Mommy

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


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