Dear Elizabeth,


I’ll never forget the day I brought you home at six weeks old. I didn’t know you, but immediately loved you more than words can ever say. I was going through a transition in my life – finishing my senior year in college in a town that I absolutely loathed, and planning the next great steps in my life journey.

Every weekend of my last semester, we went hiking in the Ozarks, went to farmer’s markets, and always finished the day with a stop at Petsmart! When I was going through a time of deep depression , you were my constant light that brought a smile to my face every day. Every morning at 6:30 AM, you never failed to come curl up by me in bed to rest your head on my chest…then transitioning to fully standing on top of me if I ignored your wake up call!

What a great moment it was when I finished my last exam, ran home to get you, and jumped in the car to leave my college town and head towards our new beginnings in Nashville for graduate school – where we had a beautiful new apartment, a huge dog park right across the street, and many new adventures waiting to be had.

Now, our life has come to a beautiful point, as the sun is rising and I’ve grown to love life again – happier than ever. Going for our morning runs, and weekend trail runs are the greatest moments of my week that make me smile with love. You cuddle up next to me when I study, and have never caused me any trouble- no chewing, accidents, etc. I leave you unsupervised at home when I’m at work or class, but come home to find you snoozing on your back against the pillows of my bed, resting lazily on the duvet.

I named you Elizabeth after Elizabeth I of England: my heroine who was strong willed, independent, and proud. You have in many ways saved my life. Whenever I had my darkest moments, I knew that no one would ever take care of you or love you as I do…so my love for you was what kept me alive, I feel. I am forever grateful to you, my little princess – you are the most wonderful gift I could ever have, and my best, most beloved friend.

Your Proud Mother

Breed: Goldendoodle


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