Pup Tails: Two Dogs Waltz Their Way Into Crime

Two Dogs Waltz Their Way Into Crime

Determined to show the world that dancing isn’t just for humans, two extremely coordinated dogs decided to learn to Waltz. Bella and Troy Jackson spent 6 weeks in a frenzied effort to complete their routine and prove that dogs belong on the dance floor. Unfortunately, this pursuit quickly shifted gears when their dancing technique proved useful for fulfilling other motives.

After weeks of watching “Dancing With The Stars” with her mother, Lucy Jackson, Bella realized that she was equipped to dance much like the people appearing on the show. She could stand on her hind legs, recognize rhythms and coordinate her movements with a partner. Her experience in head-to-head boxing matches with her brother Troy gave her the discipline and rough technique to begin training.

The two dogs had a tough time balancing on their hind legs at first, but once they got the hang of it they moved quickly. They started coordinating their movement in a simple square pattern. During one of their practice sessions, however, they discovered that their vertical height allowed them to reach items on the countertop. This easily captured their interest and completely derailed their training regimen.

After three weeks of a new type of practice, Bella and Troy developed a perfect technique to steal some of their mother’s dinner while remaining completely undetected. While this provided them with some entertainment, they craved more risk and better rewards.

The two dogs snuck their way into a local Von Hanson’s meat deli and got behind the counter. During a slow hour, they propped themselves into perfect Waltz form and lapped up some cold cut scraps. They were able to perform this routine for two weeks until the owner, Doug Fitzgerald, finally caught them in the act,

“I walked back to the counter because I forgot my phone, and the two of them were standing there gobbling up a freshly sliced honey baked ham.”

The dogs were escorted out of the building, handed over to Animal Control and are currently pending further sentencing.

A City Official stated, “It’s tough for us to know just how much meat these two dogs stole and the extent of their crime.” An ongoing investigation into the crime team is being conducted and the two dogs will face trial this summer.


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