Pup Tails: Dog Surrenders in Ongoing War With Red Dot

Four months ago, yellow lab Marley Thompson first caught site of the red dot that would become his arch nemesis. His owner, Ray Thompson, purchased a laser light toy assuming it would be a good way for Marley to get exercise indoors. Unfortunately, Marley took the game too seriously and became consumed with the plight of the red dot.

“At first it really seemed like he was enjoying it,” Thompson stated “But he started spending hours staring at the floor, chasing reflections, and going days without sleep.” Marley wanted to devote his life to catching the red dot. He’d never had such a hard time capturing prey before and the red dot was seemingly impossible. No matter how quickly he pounced, how hard he bit or how loud he barked, the dot kept returning.

Thompson tried to put away the laser pointer forever but Marley became convinced that the dot was “hiding from him” and tore up the entire house looking for it. “I don’t know how we can make him understand that it is just a light, but this is getting out of hand.” Thompson admitted. Marley’s patience wore thin and he was prepared to take desperate measures.

Fortunately, a distraction came at the perfect time. A squirrel decided to take up residence in the back yard of the Thompson house. Marley’s vast experience with squirrel hunting easily shifted his focus from the dot to the new squirrel. Marley finally threw in the white flag with the red dot and forgot about it altogether. “He doesn’t even react to the laser pointer anymore, I’ve never been more thankful for a squirrel.”

Marley is still currently working on the squirrel mission and is conducting extensive sniff investigations regarding the squirrel’s whereabouts.


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