Jiff the Pomeranian Steals the Show!

Jiff the Pomeranian

If you’ve seen Katy Perry’s new music video for ‘Dark Horse,’ you’ve probably noticed a pawsome little cameo about 2:50 in. The fuzzy guy walking down the carpet? That’s Jiff the Pomeranian–and Katy Perry has her limo driver to thank for the adorable addition.

According to TMZ, the musician’s limo driver noticed the fuzzy pooch doing tricks (and attracting a crowd) while waiting for Perry at the Grammys. The driver shot video of the pup and even snagged a flyer from the dog’s owner.

Jiff the Pomeranian

When the Grammys ended, the driver showed Katy Perry the video of the dog he had just shot, and the rest was history. 2 days later, Perry’s people made a deal with the dog’s owner.

See more photos of Jiff below, as well as the music video for ‘Dark Horse!’


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