Dog and Owner Struggling to Live Peacefully

After two years in the same Boston apartment, Justin Williams and his Golden Retriever Bo are having a tough time cohabiting. Bo has taken a confrontational approach to dealing with their issues while Justin prefers the passive aggressive approach. The tension has escalated to a full-on turf war between man and dog.

It all started when Bo slept on Justin’s bed while he was away at work. Justin came home to find long pieces of golden fur clustered around the center of his bed. Bo denied the accusations until Justin decided to come home early from work and caught Bo on his bed, munching on one of his pillows. Justin banished him to his crate for the night, trying to come up with an appropriate solution to the dispute.

Bo believes that he has the right to move about the apartment however he wishes. In protest to Justin’s harsh treatment, Bo took a large poop in the middle of Justin’s new bathroom rug while Justin was showering. Upon exiting the shower Justin got a foot full of poo. Bo felt that the message was clear but Justin still isn’t planning on giving up.

“I pay for everything in the apartment! He doesn’t even have a job; he just lazes around all day. The least he could do is respect me.” Justin complained

The situation is too awkward for Justin to handle. Instead of confronting Bo about his laziness, he makes it as evident as possible without saying anything. He leaves job fliers on the table, he exclaims about how expensive rent is and he makes a point of leaving out Bo’s dirty food dishes.

“If this is the way he wants to live then fine, I won’t tell him otherwise.” Justin said “But at the same time I’m getting really sick of it.”

Bo has not responded to any of Justin’s attempts. Instead he continues to sleep all day, sloppily eat his food and spread it all over the kitchen floor, and poop and pee when and where he pleases. Justin continues to be upset but takes no action on the matter. Their lease is up at the end of April and Justin is considering finding a new apartment that doesn’t accept dogs.


  1. Donna says:

    Bo can come live with us!!! :)

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