Dear Paisley,


You are my little ray of sunshine each morning. From the moment you ran on your awkward puppy paws towards me, I knew it was love at first sight. I remember holding you for the first time–you were not even a pound! You fit in the palm of my hand, your tiny nose sniffing the air, your little button eyes looking quizzically at me. You had that “puppy smell” for probably a month straight, and that beats “new car smell” in my book!

You bring so much joy to me and everyone else who you come in contact with. If only we all could approach each person we meet with your kind and gentle spirit!

You have much to teach all of us about being human. Enjoy the simple things. Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Relish the scent of freshly fallen leaves. Splash in the puddles after a good storm! Delight in the joy of an afternoon nap in the sun. And of course, never turn down a game of fetch or a treat!

Paisley, you are my fur baby, my little angel, my little teddy bear. I am so blessed to have you and pray that God keeps you on this earth for many more years to come.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


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