Dear Cleo,


In July 2010, you were found wandering as a stray; Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego took you in. You had a damaged left eye that had to be removed and the vet approximated your age to be about seven years old. We assumed that you’d had some sort of trauma as you were also very skittish. You healed and recovered from your eye surgery and were available for adoption. We are a foster family and as soon as we got you to foster, we fell hard and fast; you were special! Once you know and trust, the fear and apprehension melts away and you morph into such a sweet, loving, outgoing little girl.

We were committed to fostering you for however long it took until the perfect forever home came along. Cecy, a very kind and gentle woman, decided she might like a friend for her Chihuahua, Mattie. They came over on a Sunday to meet you and all went well. You left with them that afternoon and while these partings are always bittersweet, this one was especially so. More than anything, I wanted a happy home that was a perfect fit for you.

A few hours after you all left, we received a distressing call. You had gotten spooked and slipped out of your harness and took off running into a busy street–then into someone’s ‘yard.’ We jumped into the car. I was immediately overwhelmed and under prepared for what came next. This yard was like a jungle – tons of land with trees, bushes, hills and valleys for miles – just acres of land with too many places for a petrified little Cleo to hide. We all searched for you for several hours, talked to the neighbors, looked under every bush, calling your name over and over to no avail. It started getting dark. Everybody was warning us of coyotes. We couldn’t stop looking for you.

We went home and got some flashlights, a familiar squeaky toy and Max, our other adopted Chihuahua. In the few months we had been fostering you, you and Max had formed a true bond and we knew that you trusted him. We went back hoping that you would want to rejoin your pack enough to come out of hiding. Within minutes, you came running!

Once we got you back, we knew that we were all meant to be a family and we were never going to let you go again. You’re a survivor, our little miracle angel and we are going to cherish you for the rest of your life. Today, you are a happy, spunky, carefree soul. And as we continue to foster homeless Chihuahuas, you are always so warm & welcoming and help make them feel comfortable until they find their forever home.

We are so lucky that you chose us. You are such a special gift & I love you with all of my heart!

Love your Forever Mama, Sabrina

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Breed: Chihuahua


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