Dear Chase,


My beloved boy, I hope your crossing over the rainbow bridge was filled with light, love and adventure. I was very blessed to be able to be by your side as you crossed over. My wish is that you are now free of pain and once again running around carrying your “baby” wherever you go and are making everyone around you smile. From the moment I rescued you, you started teaching me about acceptance, patience, second chances, unconditional love and most of all, how to have fun each and every day.

Your bowl stands empty in the kitchen, and each morning I say good morning to you. One day I will pick up the bowl, but when that day comes it does not mean you are forgotten. You are never far from my thoughts and always will be my special “monkey.”

In your memory I created FCN to ensure all dogs will benefit from proper nutrition, and one day there will be no more canine cancer or cancer of any kind.

For the love of Chase.

Breed: Lab mix


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