Dear Alan,


We’ve been together for the last 3.5 years. I remember when I first laid eyes on you at the pet shop where I had been working. I fell in love with you instantly. You were sick and had an upper respiratory infection. I remember asking the manager how much he would sell you for, and at the time I could not afford his asking price. He decided to sell you–as sick as you were–to this couple. The manager knew you were sick and still made a profit out of you. I returned the following the week and you were nowhere in sight…I felt as if my heart was broken. I said to myself, ‘I hope he is in a happy home.’

I continued to work for the next couple of days, until one day,  the store manager said a man wanted to return a dog that was sick. At the time I did not put things together until this young man came in with this white fluff ball and it was you. My heart was overjoyed to see you again. I told the young man how I had wanted you but he bought you. He stated he did not want you because they had sold him a sick dog. I knew that already. The store manager and the vet had told your owner you were not sick. Your owner approached me asking me if I wanted you for x amount. He said if I didn’t take you then he would let you run off in the parking lot.

I took you from him without any hesitations and brought you to the house. Grandma was not happy but eventually she grew to love you. Evidently God could not prepare me for the next face of our lives. You were really sick. You had an upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, and Anemia. I battled with your illness for months. I did not care to spend all my money and even destroyed my credit just to put your health expenses first. Everyone thought I was crazy, but the truth was that I love you more than any other soul. I love you more than life itself. You are my best friend, my son. You make me laugh even when I’m sad. You taught me so many lessons . I am a better person because of you. I would give my whole life just for you. You come first to me no matter what. We go together like burgers and fries. I thank God everyday for allowing me to live by your side everyday. I promise to always be there and love you unconditionally. I want to grow old with you as my sidekick. Thank you for being you and sharing all your eskie hugs and kisses with me.

Sincerely and with all the love in my heart,

Your Mommy forever

Breed: American Eskimo


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