Will my dog ever forgive me after choking to death on his food?

Hi Sonya and Louis,

My dog Corey just passed in 2013 on Sunday evening, Jan 27th, around 8 pm. He died because he choked to death on the food I feed him.  I tried to take the meat out of his throat, but it was too late.  I have been sad since. The pain is unbearable. I can’t forgive myself. Corey was only 11 yrs old. I want to know if he is still with me in spirit? Can he ever forgive me? Thanks very much.




Dear Andrew,

This is Louis, I am sorry I am just now getting back to you. We get so many letters and try to get to as many as we can. I want you to know that I am playing with your beautiful Corey right now. We have become best friends and he definitely DOES NOT BLAME YOU for his death. Animals don’t think like humans. We never think you are to blame for anything. He certainly doesn’t blame you for his death. We are all working out karmas and this was his and your karma.

Andrew, Corey tells me that you gave him great love and you played like a dog with him. He is telling me all about the happy times you shared together. He knows how much you loved him and if you could take him anywhere with you – you would. He will reincarnate back to you in this lifetime. And whatever dog you get – his soul will gradually go into it over a period of weeks. And you will start to see characteristics of him in the new dog you get. Your beloved Corey is determined to come back to you. You can read about how this works in Sonya Fitzpatrick’s book There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven. I agree fully with Sonya – I have never met one sad dog here in Heaven. The book will help you understand that there is not death, life goes on when we come over to the spirit realm too. Please know that your beautiful Corey is around you and with you. And he wants you to know that he is able to go with you to restaurants and the park and he still sleeps in your bed. He is sending so much love to you Andrew.

Lots of love to you,

Louis (Read through Sonya)


  1. you are nuts says:

    He is a dog therefore he has no spirit. You freak.

  2. you are nuts says:

    People take advantage of peoples misery, pretending you can talk to dead dogs you should be ashamed of taking advantage of people.

  3. Ryan Mendenhall says:

    Some people know how to ease the pain of others, some people only know how to hurt others. My Bubby Jazz left this world on Friday at midnight (Sat 6/21/2014). We get his ashes and urn today and we will celebrate his death by the unmeasurable amount of Love he gave to us everyday of his life. he was giving me baby talks in this pic, I can still hear him speaking and it hurts so bad at night and in the mornings. We shall see ALL of our LOVED ones again in HEAVEN. We are ALL GODS CREATIONS AND HE LOVES US THE SAME….The bigger the Heart is, The bigger Soul will be.My Babies HEART is 100 times bigger than,……( you are nuts).

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