Pup Tails: Dog’s New Walking Route Leads to Boundary Disputes

12-year-old Shih Tzu, Toby Gilmore, has dramatically changed his walking route due his owner’s new schedule. Instead of his standard three-mile loop through a neighborhood and park, he now gets three blocks with only a meager caul de sac to leave mark in.

This new routine left Toby with very little territory to claim as his own. His mark was deeply ingrained on famous landmarks throughout his former path, including a duck-shaped mailbox and a giant deer land ornament. The scents on this new walk are becoming overwhelming. His owner, Kevin Gilmore, admitted “With my new work schedule it’s tough to take him more than a few blocks and make it in on time.” This change makes it difficult for Toby to walk quickly, as he needs to spend time sniffing out the territory and sizing up the existing land owners.

Toby has since started turf wars with dogs of all kinds, from feisty Rottweilers to angry Pitbulls–and the little Shih Tzu won’t give up his right to land ownership. Kevin remarked, “He has a few techniques to make himself appear larger, weather it’s walking as he pees or pointing his back upwards. I can see how dogs would be fooled into thinking he’s larger than he is.”

What now exists in this new 3-block territory is a dog battle to claim objects and areas as their own. A once-red fire hydrant has warped in color as dozens of dogs make their presence known up to three times per day. The biggest point of dispute is a large bush, centered in the caul de sac. Toby has persistently marked this territory and gotten into stand-downs with several of the existing owners.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to say who the real owner is. After constant sniff investigation and thorough marking, Toby believes he is on top. While the competition is stiff, Toby’s confidence and small bladder prove to dominate in neighborhood dog land wars.


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