Pup Tails: Dog Tries to Brave Cold Midwestern Temperatures

Buddy Allen Crooks, a Minnesota native, isn’t bothered by the record low temperatures of this winter.  While most schools and government organizations have had several cancellations due to the dangers of  exposure in such weather, Buddy has refused to leave his outdoor home.

Minnesota spent 62 consecutive hours below zero degrees. Of those 62 hours, Buddy was outside for 30. He refused to succumb to the bitter frost collecting in his fur. His owner, Joyce Crooks, commented, “He’s always seemed to think that he belongs outdoors, even when it’s cold enough to kill him.” At one point, the pads of Buddy’s feet froze over, making it difficult for him to stay balanced on the ice. “We beg him to come inside but he just parks himself right outside the door looking unfazed.”

After nearly two days of letting Buddy stay outside, Joyce decided to put an end to his stubbornness. She saw him stand up only to reveal his fur was covered in icicles. “Every time he took a breath it looked like he was puffing out smoke, it was just way too cold for him to be outside.” Joyce had to enlist help from the entire family to drag Buddy back inside. Once they finally got him thawed out, he promptly peed on the floor and demanded to return to the outdoors.

“I don’t care if he is covered in fur, there is no reason any living animal should have to face these temperatures.” Joyce proclaimed. Buddy still believes that there is activity occurring outside that he can’t bear to miss out on. If the wild animals that he hunts can live out there, so can he. Buddy will spend the rest of his time on lockdown devising ways to escape.


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