Pup Tails: Dog Raises Guinea Pig As His Own


8-year-old dog, Bruiser Johnson, always felt overpowering mothering instincts. With a lack of a female partner, he was never able to raise pups of his own. But in a stroke of luck, a small homeless guinea pig wandered into his life and finally fulfilled his dreams of becoming the best doggy dad out there.

The little guinea pig was born months ago in a barn house with little hope for survival. He lived off the land and journeyed to the small town of Jerome, Idaho where Bruiser now resides. Brusier spotted the tiny creature as he made his way through the tall grass of the back yard. Brusier’s owner, Ben Johnson, saw the entire incident go down, “he was prepared to attack and kill the poor little guy, but he must have smelled the desperation on him.”

Bruiser ran at the guinea pig in full pursuit. When the pig didn’t budge, the dog sniffed him suspiciously. He decided to bring the emaciated pig into his home and nurse him back to health. He named him after his favorite word in the limited understanding he has of the English language, “Walk.”

Bruiser and Walk have been inseparable ever since.  Brusier bathes Walk daily and tries to teach him the rules of the road.  “I don’t think Brusier realizes that Walk is not a dog, he gets pretty frustrated,” Johnson remarked about the new relationship. Brusier has made many attempts to teach Walk to lift his leg while peeing to create more marking accuracy but Walk usually just pees and poops wherever he is standing.

Bruiser has high hopes for Walk’s life. He wants to take him out to the park and introduce him to his friends, seeking pups for him to play with. Walk has no way of communicating with Bruiser, however, and it appears that he may want to escape. “Guinea pigs are not meant to live in close proximity to dogs,” Ron Howard, Guinea Pig Expert, explains “dogs are their natural predators and the wrong dog will surely see Walk as a meal, not a friend.”


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