Dear Patrick Allen,

Patrick Allen

If I didn’t have Patrick, who would greet me at the door? Who would be so excited to let me know they pooped or peed? Who would erase my work off the laptop on accident? Who would be willing to adjust to my crazy sleep positions? Who would eat all the crumbs off the floor? Who would bark at the neighbors? Who would lick my toes? Who would keep me company in the bathroom? Who would say “good morning” every morning with sweet kisses? Who would wake up with me at any time of the night? Who would beg to sleep next to me every night? Who would be willing to travel the world with me? Who would be content to spend a boring evening on the couch with me? Who else would love my mom (your nana) as much as me? Who would let me hold them like a baby? Who would do what I tell them to do pretty much all the time? Who would be concerned when I’m sick or sad? Who’d be my all-the-time, rain-or-shine buddy?

I said all that to say that you play a big role in my life, sweet Patrick. You’ve been a friend. And for that I appreciate you. You are the best dog in the whole wide world! I couldn’t have imagined a better one. Priceless, Patrick! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May we enjoy many many more together.

Your mommy

Breed: Maltese


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