Dear Lucy,

Being abandoned in the park for a least a month, I’m sure it wasn’t easy at all for you. Dealing with coyotes, cold weather and hunger. What was your owner thinking? I know…your curse, being a Pit Bull.

When you chose to come with me, I never thought you would be the apple of my hubby’s eyes. You became a very special God’s creature in our home, even though Nena and you never got along.

I hope one day you may forgive me for trusting in those places called “Humane Societies” and placing you there while we found a good home for you. Oh dear Lucy, how wrong we were. It hurt then and still does. If we had known….

You were a victim of the circumstances, and I know you never did wrong. You were just a beautiful, playful and loving puppy.

You will be always in my heart.

Breed: Pit bull


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