Dear Jade,


I remember the day I bought you home–you where so tiny and so sweet. You had come at the right time in my life. Let me tell you how you happened to become my baby girl.

It was 2007 and my human baby girl graduated from high school not so long ago and was about to get married to her high school sweetheart. He had joined the marines and they would soon be moving from Texas to California. I was sad thinking how much I would miss her, and how now I would be all alone. It had been years since it had just been me.

About two weeks before she left, she came to me and said “Mom I know you are going to miss me now that I am gone. I want to do something for you that might help you some. I know it won’t take my place, but I hope it helps. I want to get you a dog.”

Well, it had been awhile since I had had a dog. She bought you home to me and you were so tiny you could fit in the palms of my hands. I would carry you around sometimes in my house coat pocket. For a while, you would have nothing to do with me–you would just cry and cry. I was so sad that you did not like me. Then it hit me that you, too, had just been removed from what you always knew, your mommy dog. I gave you time.

It’s now 2013 and you are seven years old. We have gone through so many things throughout the years–death, loss of home and loss of job. You where there right by my side after all the surgeries that I had.

I will always be glad that I did not give up on you. You are so loved by me. You are my baby girl and so truly loved.

You might be a little upset with me as of now because of the new puppy we got. I know you are tired of him jumping all over you and your kitty cat, Cash. But let’s not give up on our new friend and your brother, Dexter. He is just a puppy and is going through some things also. He just left his mommy dog.

I love you all, and soon we all will get along together. Remember, you will always be my baby girl.



Breed: Chihuahua


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