Dear Dodge,


You are my life. From the moment I saw your brother at a friend’s house, I knew I wanted one of your kind… crazy thing? You were the only one left, and I had you in my arms 2 days later! It was my senior year of high school, and I had ‘forgot’ to ask my parents before bringing you home. I kept you a secret for a week or so because I was in the work study program at school and got to leave at 10:30. So what did I do? I took you with me in my purse! You were an angel and to this day, my one teacher has no idea you were ever in class. I eventually decided to take mom to lunch one day and tell her the news. She got in my car, moved my purse off the seat, and hopped in. All of a sudden my purse started moving… mom’s response? “Whatever it is, you’re not keeping it.” Little did they know what an impact you would have on our lives down the road.

Six years have passed by now, and as I sit here at work with you by my side, I couldn’t imagine my life without you. You don’t just come to work with me, we work at the Humane Society together. You put your front paws on the desk anytime someone walks in the door, and usually greet them before I even have the chance. Everyone loves your big pug eyes and your curly pug tail. You have such a personality that it seems to pour out of you. When someone brings in a dog to surrender, its almost as if you cry with the owner as they are saying goodbye to their beloved friend. You are their comfort.

You mean the absolute world to me, you spoiled lil’ thing! I know your grandparents (my parents) also love you more then anything in this world. You have a huge place in all our hearts and seem to leave a little spot on everyone’s heart that you meet. You’re an amazing dog and an even better best friend. I love being able to talk to you about anything and not have to worry about a response. Just the look in your eyes usually helps me figure out what path to take or what decision to make. I even love when your lips get stuck on your teeth and you have this stupid looking smile on your face. I say something about it and you lick your lips almost as if you’re embarrassed! It’s adorable. Last but not least, I am sorry I am always putting you in those ridiculous sweaters, but it is all in good intention of keeping you warm! I think you know that at heart but I figured I would spell it out for ya. I love you to the moon and back Dodge, you truly are my best friend.

With love, your mommy <3

Breed: Pit bull/Pug Mix


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