Dear Arie,


The first time I saw you, I fell in love. You were so scared and timid it made me sad. I hoped in time you would trust me, even though you had not had much human contact. As you begin trusting me and realizing that there was a better life for you, I watched you blossom and grow into a loving little girl. It made me so happy when you learned how to play and when you finally trusted me enough to come and sit in my lap when I sat down. I know it must have been strange being in a house and around people after being born in a barn and kept in a stall for the first 8 months of your life. You have given me so much joy over the past two years and I am blessed that you rescued me. I know that you still get scared–especially when other people come over to the house–but I promise I will always keep you safe and love you. You are part of my heart and soul, Arie, and I love you so very much!

Breed: Schnorkie


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