Day-Old Pitbull Nursed by Cat Finally Has Forever Home

It’s no secret that dogs and cats can sometimes have a volatile relationship (especially when cats refuse to let dogs past them). One cat named Lurlene proved all who said the two couldn’t be friends wrong.

Noland, a one-day old Pit bull was found abandoned in a garage–covered in flies and nowhere to nurse or keep warm. That is, until Lurlene took the baby Pit bull under her paw–treating him the same as her baby kittens.

Noland spent 9 hours a day with his ‘cat family’ while growing up and was taken home by a staff member of the Cleveland Animal Protective League at night where he was bottle-fed.

Today, Noland is on to his forever home–but would certainly be nowhere without the help of his feline friend!

Check out more photos of Lurlene the cat and Noland below!


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