Dear Ditch,


The best things happen to me while I am running.

In July, I was on a long run while training for a half marathon. I was in a part of town that I normally am not in. I had left my IPOD at home (very unusual for me). I do not believe in coincidence, and these two things are further proof to me that you were meant to me mine, and I was meant to be yours.

I heard you before I saw you. Yelping loudly. As I wandered around I found you- discarded in a ditch. You were wet and dirty, but I immediately fell in love with you. You were also sick, and I would not know it until a little later. It turned out you had parvo, and that diagnosis would further weld my soul to yours.

I brought you home and as the night progressed, it became increasingly clear that my love would not be enough to get you well. I showed up to a vet the next day and he told me of your parvo. I knew nothing of what that meant at the time, other than the vet seemed skeptical that he could save you. I told him to do his best, tears running down my face. Well, he did.

You are light and life to all who meet you. Sweet, playful, curious, and protective. I love how you nuzzle against me at night when it is time for both of us to sleep. I love how you wake me in the morning with wet licks when you are ready to go potty.

I was never a pet person. You have changed that. I am totally a Ditch person, and forever will be. It was no accident our paths crossed. You saved me as much as I save you, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Breed: Chow-German Shepherd-Rhodesian Ridgeback-Am Staff Mix


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