Dear Dash,


You were the absolute best dog I could have asked for. I still remember when I saw you for the first time – you were quieter and just wanted to nap while all the other puppies were running around in a frenzy. I fell in love with you instantly and when we finally brought you home, I did nothing else but stare at your adorable face and scratch those soft ears. For 14 years, you made my life 100x better. Even though you stole my socks and used my fingers as a chew toy, I would not trade any of it for the world. You knew I would get home from school at 3pm and I’d see your face peering through the curtains of the window, anxiously waiting for me. When I was crying in my bedroom, you’d either be on my bed licking my face or sitting outside my door, waiting to make sure I was okay. When I played the piano, you’d jump onto the couch and just lie there and listen to me play for hours. You were my safe haven and my best friend through it all. So when I found out that we would have to put you to sleep the week before I was leaving for college, I felt broken. Seeing the sadness in your eyes was torture and knowing I could not take that pain go away was painful for me. It still is. But you were always a fighter, and you lived 14 long years, and I am grateful for every single second of those 14 years. Thank you for always listening to me and your puppy kisses. I miss you more and more with each day and I would do anything to cuddle with you one more time. But just know that you will never be replaced and I tell all my friends about how wonderful you were. I will always love you with all of my heart, kiddo.

Love always,

Breed: Miniature Beagle


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