Dear Captain Ahab,

You have been such a light in my life, one that I never could have anticipated. I’ve never been a dog person, and when your other mommy told me she wanted to get you, I only said okay because I love her so much. From the day we brought you home, you have brought us so much joy. From the way you were obsessed with our undies for the first 3 months of your life, to the many wonderful tricks you have so quickly learned, you’re always making us laugh. I love nothing more than watching you and the cat roll around on the floor, or tear through the house like you’ve lost your minds. I buy you more stuff than any mother on earth, you’re spoiled stupid rotten. I can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with you. You are such a wonder. I love you bubba.
Breed: Chihuahua-Terrier


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