Rags to Riches: Puppy Mill Poodle Gets New Lease on Life

When veterinarian Brenda Gough and her husband came across a big ball of matted gray fur near their Ontario farmland, they figured that it was some remnants of a dead animal. When they saw it move and realized that it was a debilitated dog, the couple was in complete shock!

The ball of fluff, now named Shrek, is an abandoned pup from a Canadian puppy mill known for their deplorable conditions.

Upon finding Shrek, Brenda took the canine back to Park Road Veterinary Clinic where she proceeded to shave 3.5 pounds of fur off of him! Soon it was revealed that Shrek is a beautiful white, poodle.

Falling in the love with the poor pooch, Brenda and her husband adopted him. He is now safe, and clean, in a new home.

“He is learning that snuggling on the couch, warm and dry, loved by children and family, is actually pretty awesome,” Gough said.

Thankfully, Shrek’s rescue has resulted in the rescue of 12 other dogs from the same puppy mill!

See Shrek’s stunning transformation below:


  1. Julie K. Brown says:

    What a fortunate little guy. God bless you.

  2. Sandy says:


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