Laying a Loved One to Rest With a Pet Memorial

The fact that your best friend walked on four legs instead of two does not matter when the time comes to say goodbye. Planning a memorial service can help with the grieving process and offers a chance to say your final farewells. In the past, the options for aftercare when a family pet died were limited. However, that is changing rapidly. Bloomberg Business Week reports there are over 700 funeral homes for pets in the United States.

Losing Your Best Friend

Planning a memorial for your pet may be new to you, and it may feel strange planning a formal burial for your pet. It is completely normal to feel as much grief over the loss of a beloved pet as you might feel for a human being. Pets often offer an unconditional love not found in our relationships with other people. Holding a memorial service is a way to help cope with your grief.


For pet owners who are uncertain how to start planning the service for their pet, there are many helpful resources available. Whether you hold the service at your house, a cemetery or a funeral home, you can choose to have your pet presented in a casket or urn. Friends and family can be come to say their last goodbyes or offer a sympathy gift. Many owners choose to create memorial videos of their pets to play at the service.

Formal Ceremony

If you are interested in having a more formal ceremony, many areas have funeral celebrants available to collaborate with you and create a loving service. Or, you can create a service on your own. has many samples for services that pet owners can do on their own.


Keeping something to remember your pet by can also help with the grieving process. Having a paw imprint engraved with their name, engaging an artist to paint a portrait of your pet, planting a tree or flower in memory, or creating a shelf with their pictures and some personal items can help honor your pet. For owners who love to craft and create, a scrapbook dedicated to your pet, or a box that contains hair clippings, tags or other remembrances can keep your best friend close in your heart.


When planning your memorial service, it is important to know your options and information about any final arrangements you make. Just as you cared for your pet during their life, taking care of their treatment after they pass is important. The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance helps you to be prepared to cope with that responsibility by outlining necessary information. Being prepared in advance can help make the time of passing a bit easier.

While nothing can take away the grief of losing your beloved pet, a memorial service may help to begin the healing.


  1. Ella J. Lunsford says:

    Losing a pet is like losing a family member, it’s painful and depressing. However, it’s good to know that you have many options nowadays in preparing for the funeral of your beloved pet. Our beloved four legged loved ones deserve to be given a special memorial service to let them know that even in their deaths, they are loved and remembered. it’s good to know that we can choose to give them a really great burial.

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