Dear Riley,


Goo! I love youuu! (Said in the “Riley” voice I use)

But really, I do. I woke up this lovely morning after sleeping in and you were next to me, glad to see I was awake. Somehow you know when I wake up even before I do! You are always there for me, and more importantly, you WANT to be. You want to be with me every hour of every day. Sometimes that’s annoying but mostly it’s awesome–because, guess what?! I feel the same way!

You have seen me at my best and seen me at my very worse. No one else has seen me the way you have, except maybe my mom when I was a hapless baby. You were there during one of the saddest times of my life, and although you aren’t a dog that knows when I’m sad and tries to cheer me up (that’s okay, really!) you are a dog that is helping me feel better in my soul AND my body. You know what I mean…running, hiking, going to the dog beach, walking with your buddy Oscar–a buddy for all times!

But although I love that you are active and happy to do these things with me, you know (because I’ve told you) that nothing compares to snuggling up with you, Adam and the cat (maybe) and having a lovely afternoon “snoozles.”

When I wanted to get a dog (after the dream for a black lab ended–maybe some day), I wanted a tiny Yorkie. Yorkie changed to Silky (Yorkies were too “mainstream”) and I still wanted you to be tiny, semi-complacent and have dark fur. You were larger, more silver than black and feisty to boot!

You were nothing like what I wanted…but you were exactly what I needed. I believe God chose you special for me. I know I didn’t select you, I just left it up to odds to take whatever Silky I was given–and God gave me you.

And I really, really do love you.

Your Momma

Breed: Silky Terrier


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