Dear Jake,

Jake Ryan, you are my greatest love. It was you who rescued me, sweet pup, 8 years ago when my brown eyes met yours of navy blue, and I brought you home from the New England Chihuahua rescue group. I knew my life would never be the same–my 2.5 lb Jack Russell Chihuahua with the personality of a thousand dogs, ah who knew what adventures we’d have!

I love how you are the first up every day–the first to want to eat, go outside, drink water, bully Senge, your little Brussels Griffon brother, play with sock and squirrel (your 2 favorite toys–really Jakey a 3 year old sock??) stalk my food, and let me know someone’s at the door. You are my little protector, my 4 legged partner in crime, my confidant and best friend; God knows how many times I’ve sobbed my eyes out in your warm Oreo colored dark fur, comforted by endless kisses and cuddles. Your love always reminds me to spread happiness and your bodhisattva nature of loyalty.

I could have never thought your special soul and huge heart could have gotten any bigger than it was when I first laid eyes on you at 5 weeks old, my little seal pup. But it has and day by day, I count you among my greatest blessings, my greatest blessing. You are my constant, you are my life and my love, a little heartbeat at my side.

I know there will be a day that will come when our physical time together will come to a halt (and I don’t know what will come of me that day…). What I do know is that I will continue to cherish every moment, every stinky breath, every whine for my food, every tail wag, every tug of war, and every future memory you will leave imprinted on my heart–and I will be with you and there for you to infinity and back.

I love you baby Jake!


Breed: Jack Russell Chihuahua


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