Dear Coyote,


There was a time in my life that I really needed someone to be by my side, to help me figure out what life was all about, and where I needed to be… and then you came. As it almost always happens, I wasn’t really looking for a dog, and never expected that I would get one–but when I got the message that you were at a shelter looking for a home, something told me I had to meet you.

I’ve told the story to anyone who’ll listen – and you’ve heard me tell it to you over and over – but when I looked up the meaning of “Coyote” there was so much that matched up. Somehow, before I even saw you in person, I knew that you were what I was looking for. But then came meeting you, and I don’t think it took even five seconds before I knew you were it. It hasn’t even been a full year yet, but it’s hard to imagine life before you were a part of it. It’s even funnier that every time we meet someone they think you must have been with me forever because of how bonded we are.

You’ve become the best part of my life. A partner and side-kick. The thing I look forward to every time I walk in the door. Something that has made everything in the past worth going through just to end up here with you. You’ve shown me things, taken me places, and guided me in ways I didn’t think I’d ever have been guided. I am so happy to have you, so happy you’ve chosen to have me too, and wherever I am or wherever I go, you’ll always have a home there too.

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog


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