Dear Bijoux,


Happy 13th birthday to my sunshine; we’ve grown up together since day one, from 1st grade to a sophomore in college. I remember the first day we met, you and your brothers and sisters–all 10 of you–chased me around a tree. From that day you’ve followed us wherever we go–LITERALLY. You run into the back of us when we abruptly stop, then look at us as if we did something wrong. Leaving you behind to go away for school was hard, but it makes coming home 10x better. I know you’re getting old, and it’s surely starting to show; but you find the energy to still get excited with us, and although you sleep a lot more, I appreciate that for ample cuddle time. I know that I will never love another dog like I’ve loved you. You’ve been my best friend for the past 13 years, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. I love you with all my heart bijoux, until the last day.

Breed: Weimaraner


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