Connecticut Dog Becomes First Ever to Advance Into Cub Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America have inducted their first canine member, Gordon,  into their national chapter. After weeks of turning the dog away, the troop leaders couldn’t take it any longer. They let Gordon into one of their first meetings where he demonstrated “surprising discipline” and “impeccable manners,” according to one of the Connecticut boy scout leaders. Later in the meeting he barked along to the Scout Oath and was officially made a member of the Cub Scouts of America.

Gordon demonstrated extraordinary spirit during one of their trash cleanup events where he managed to gobble down several pounds of discarded food items. He also earned a First Aid badge when a fellow scout fell over and skinned a knee. Gordon licked the face of the scout until the bleeding stopped and proper bandaging was administered. Since then, Gordon has earned four other badges in Swimming, Camping, Cooking and Citizenship in the Community. He managed to out-swim all other scouts as well as rescue several drowning youth who attempted to keep up with him.

Gordon is working his way up to becoming a boy scout, but he still has many hours of community service to perform. The scouts are unsure if the language barrier will become a problem but they are willing to work it out. “Gordon represents all aspects of the Scout Law, he is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, and wow he sure is obedient.” There are plans in the works to make him the Connecticut mascot. When asked to comment on the matter, Gordon’s owners replied “We thought he was going to doggy daycare…”


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