What’s This Breaking Bad Star Doing Now?

Aaron Paul on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The hugely popular television series Breaking Bad has come to an end. Now actor Aaron Paul (best known for his role as lovable bad boy Jesse Pinkman) is free to explore his other talents!

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paul revealed a secret skill that he’s had since childhood – the ability to guess the gender of a dog just by petting it!

Of course, Kimmel had to put him to the test. He blindfolded Paul and brought 4 dogs in front of him, each with either a blue or pink collar to reveal the correct answer to the audience.

While only petting them briefly, the actor was able to guess each dog’s gender correctly!

Kimmel was in complete shock, “This is unbelievable!” he said. “The most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, take a bow!”

Check out the hilarious and adorable video of Aaron Paul and his amazing talent below!


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