Hero Guide Dog Saves Baby


There’s no doubt that dogs can be our best friends, but what about our best bodyguards?

Jet, a black Labrador guide dog in the UK, showed extreme bravery this month when saving her owner’s 1-year-old son from an out-of-control vehicle!

Jessica Cowley, Jet’s owner, is legally blind. Earlier this month on a routine shopping trip, Jessica was pushing her son Jacob in his stroller when a car sped towards them.

“Just after we stepped off the curb I heard a screeching of a car and it banged into me sending me flying. Just before it hit me, Jet pulled her harness out of my hand and actually pushed the [stroller] out of the way. Jet is trained to help me but she’s not trained to do that sort of thing. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if she hadn’t have done what she did.”

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