Dear Scout,


I have whispered stories to you, shared my pillow with you, shared my pomegranates with you, road tripped thousands of miles with you, toweled drool after drool off you, played with you, laughed at you, been utterly loved by you, and wiggled you in your sleep to stop the snoring. You have been one of the great treasures of my life and loving you has been my pleasure.

You’ve been my animated and adorable friend, standing happy and eager every time I walk through our door. Your extraordinary ‘welcome home’ lights up my world—much like the words ‘let’s go!’ light up yours!

You’ve been with me hundreds of times under the stars in the middle of the night to celebrate a faraway birthday or a great day, to send wishes to the stars, to mark endings, beginnings, anniversaries and goals. Only lately, outside in the depths of night, you would stand with me as I cried to the darkness wishing for a future that isn’t ours.

Until I had to consider life without you, I did not realize just how much the deepest part of me leaned into you as a real part of myself; the strong, steady, secure and precious part of myself. 9 years ago we headed bravely out into this big world together and for our first 4 years, my independence as a self-sufficient girl was nurtured into existence because of you. Your protective presence has given me a blanket of comfort and your size, warning growl and big bark at those that approach has made me feel secure. I was your guardian and you were mine.

Your gorgeous self has brought over a million smiles to my face. You are more than I could have ever asked for, Scoo. You’ve been my constant, loving, loyal soul friend.

Your big sweet face and kind, knowing eyes visit my memory easily and often now that you’re gone. Yours is the face my eyes have experienced more than any other my whole life. A million kisses and hugs and touches—maybe a trillion.

Witnessing these last months steal your health and your comfort has been my greatest heartbreak. The thought of walking through this life without you wagging beside me is overwhelming. You’ve been by my side for 9 of the best years of my life and I promised to remain at your side until those sweet, brown eyes close for the last time. You have my heart, Scoo Scoo. Meet me in my sweet dreams.

I’ll love you forever and ever xoxo

Posted by Georgia


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