Dear Scooby,


I love you soooooooooo much. When we met, we fell in love instantly. Your original family didn’t give you the love you deserved and so you became part of my family. I will always give you my unconditional love and joy. You fill me with awe every day because of how happy and generous you are, even in your toughest moments–like when you had stomach surgery. You teach me so much, especially how to enjoy the simple things in life and live fully in each moment–because that is all there is. I respect that you are an animal, a dog and will never try to make you a person. You love to be happy and you bring happiness to everyone you meet, both dogs and people. I love you for the beautiful, cute, funny, loving, giving dog that you are. You have become part of me.

I love you, Scooby, always.


Breed: Dachshund/Basset Mix


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