Dear Piglet,


I know you have known for awhile, but I love you more than anything. You came along at a point when I had no dog. I had lost my last dog, Hunter, who was an awesome dog and and I wasn’t really looking for another one–but here came Piglet. You was scrawny and mangy. You wasn’t the prettiest puppy ever, but you grew on me. The more we were together, the more we were like peas and carrots. We know each other very well, and I cannot imagine life without little Big Pig. Through all of your medical issues and money spent here and there on the vet and food, you are totally worth it. I’m glad someone threw you away because otherwise I would not have had the chance to be in your life. I know one day I will miss you more than life itself. People who don’t love a dog and don’t have a dog do not know the love and admiration they are missing. You are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing before bed. I look forward to coming home all because of you.

Breed: Chihuahua


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