Dear Jane,


You are the dog I could never have, you are one of my best friends and I am your Auntie Laura!

I love that when I go to see you, you are always so excited to see me. I love your cuddles and yours kisses. You have a great temperament and you are patient and loving.

I love that your mummy trained you so well and that she lets me take you to the beach. I love that you are ball mad, but it would be nice if you forgot about it sometimes and made some friends.

You are so spoilt! I remember buying you that massive bone and watching you gnaw away at it like there was no tomorrow. You know you are special and you love it!

You share the house with five cats and you get along with them pretty well. You wait patiently for them to finish eating so that you can polish off whatever’s left.

I love how you are trained as a therapy dog and you see old people in rest homes. I love even more that you came to see me in hospital when I broke my ankle, that made me so happy!

I love you so much Jane, and even when you are naughty I can’t stay mad at you. You are so well behaved with the dogs we play with, it’s fantastic! You are the most well behaved dog I know.

You are still only two and I love how fluffy you get in the winter. I love your love for water and your passion for walking, I love how your ears flap when you run back with a ball.

You truly are an amazing dog! Love you lots my bouncy Jane.

Your Auntie Laura,

Breed: Labradoodle


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