How do I housebreak my dog?


I have a new baby Chihuahua who is 4 months old. He stays overnight in a crate without going potty. He also stays in a pen at times and does his business there after being outside. I want him to learn outdoor potty training and follow two other dogs out dog doors. Does he have too many options with the pen? Also are the stick rawhide chews too many calories if he gets two a day?




By Brian Lee, Dog Trainer & Behavioral Counselor

Housebreaking small dogs can be more difficult.  Housebreaking is achieved by tapping into the dog’s dening instincts. The stronger their denning instincts, the more they want to get away from feces and urine, which makes it easier to housebreak.  Small dogs tend to have weaker den instincts.  Housebreaking needs to become a habit and is achieved when there have been no accidents for three months.

You want to set your dog up to win.  

First: Over night, you will want to keep him in a crate next to your bed.  Take him out first thing in the morning.

Second:  When you’re not home, either keep him in the crate or put the pen in front of the doggie door so the dogs can go in and out.

Third:   When home, he must stay in line of sight and taken outside after about two hours.  Most important is confinement.  You must set the dog up to win. Accidents are never your dog’s fault.

Chews, like rawhide or bully sticks, in limited quantities, are usually good.

Every dog deals with chews differently.  As long as there are no loose stools or allergies, you should be fine.

Hope that helps

Brian lee


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