Dear Soto,


Last year on September 24th
we vowed to love and take care of you from that day forth,
that vow would always hold true
because we saw the suffering you went through!
You remind us to always stop and smell the flowers and to always find fun amongst the sun showers!
To never judge others by just a glance
to invite people into your pack and give them a chance!
You remind us that it’s important to stretch everyday
to always find time to go out and play!
People tell us that you are spoiled
but we believe a doggy like you should be treated like royal!
Daddy calls you our four-legged child
whose temper is meek and mild!
With daddy you like to wrestle
but with mommy you like to nestle!
You’re always there to give us hugs and kisses
as well as to lick our dishes!
The people who know you have lots of nicknames
but Soto there is no other dog that could ever be the same!
We were blessed the day we rescued you
and look forward to much happiness and good times to come too!

Breed: Black Lab


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