Dear Shadow,


Shadow you were everything and everyone to me. You were my very best friend, my brother, my soul. You were part of me and I was part of you. We didn’t like being apart from each other but when we were it was only for a short time because we knew we were going to be together again…your mommy, your sister, your very best friend would never leave you for too long. Looking into your beautiful brown and soul-searching eyes was an experience I will never forget. You saw the best of me and the worst in me and you chose to love every bit of me with no doubt or reservation. You followed me around and wanted to sit next to me wherever I chose to be. Even in a tight little corner you would make it happen as long as we were together. You were the closest thing to perfection. Other than being a stickler for finding the most glorious spot you could find to pee on, you were perfect!

You were patient, kind, loyal and loving–and most of all you were the best friend anyone could have ever asked for. Shadow, thank you so much for loving me so much and saving my life. You were my reason for getting up in the morning and for laying my head down to rest in peace. Taking care of you was my honor, one which I will forever be thankful for. I am sorry if I wasn’t as patient as I could have been at every moment that it was required. I am sorry if at times I wanted a little mommy time. I am sorry that I couldn’t do more to save you. I know you know that I learned patience through you, that mommy time didn’t seem so fun without you and that I tried everything to make your life easier, comfortable and more enjoyable for your last months on this earth. I truly do not know how I am going to get through life without you but I do know that you always wanted my happiness and so I will remember you everyday with joy, gratitude and love. I will live every day in honor of our life together and I will live each day to the fullest knowing that I was loved–loved by you Shadow. I love you forever and ever and I miss you like crazy. Goodbye my little boy.

Breed: Terrier Mix


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