Dear Rosie,


You came into our lives on a whim, and I just could not make it past you at the shelter that day. You were so scared and lonely that I just knew you had to come home with me.  It was a struggle at first trying to find out why no one wanted you. But over time, your personality blossomed and you became the wonderful girl I miss to this day. Why didn’t anyone want you? Seeing you open up and grow each day with me made me smile inside–your hidden personality slowly finding its way out into the sunshine. My heart would race when I saw you play for the first time, when you would finally wag your tail, or when I heard your voice for the first time. Why didn’t anyone want you? You used your paws like a talented surgeon and always wanted to hold my hand. You were the first dog I ever met with ticklish feet, something you should have never let me find out. Your enthusiastic  friendliness was so comforting and addicting. Your presence in a room was unmatched, and you snuggled like only a best friend could. Why didn’t anyone want you? Maybe it was because I needed to find you. Maybe I needed to mend your broken heart as much as you needed to mend mine. I just wish I could have found you sooner. I wish we had a whole lifetime together. I hope I did a good job to wipe away the bad memories of those who had hurt you. I hope I showed you that you could trust again and I hope I was worthy of your trust. You changed my life forever. As our time together drew to a close, my heart once again raced. It was the little day to day triumphs that were my focus. When I knew I had to say goodbye, I held your paw and cried for you. I told you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world,  but you were already well on your way to your next destination. I tickled your paw as I held it. You knew I was still there with you. I watched you pass this world until your paw was ticklish no more. My lungs could hold no air. My loss was so great, my mourning just begun. I could not let you go and you were soaked from my tears. I knew you were on to your next great adventure where no one would ever hurt you again. You were my gentle giant and left a gigantic paw shaped hole in my heart. I still miss you and mourn for you. I loved you with every cell in my body. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for allowing me to love you. The most beautiful girl in the world, My Roses.


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