Dear Misha,

As you lay beside me, I ask myself why I waited so long to write this letter.

We will never know what happened to you in your short life before we rescued you, but you have come a long way.

You are the greatest sister to Daisy and Guin. I know it was hard for you when Guin came along but over time you grew to really love her. I love how you take care of Guin and Daisy, cleaning them. You and Guin have a very special bond.

For the past six years you have been a great agility team cheerleader. We couldn’t do it without you.

I know the time is near to say goodbye for now, as you will soon be making your way to the rainbow bridge. Know that I love you so much and I will miss you.

Thank you for being a great friend and companion. I will cherish the memories.

Love, Mom

Breed: Husky Mix


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