Dear Chloe, Kingston & Toby,


You are not just dogs but truly a part of our family. Toby, when you first arrived six years ago, we didn’t expect to have more fluffy white dogs coming our way. Taking care of a two-month-old puppy was one thing, but taking care of newborn puppies was a completely different ball of wax. It truly was a blessed privilege to watch you come into this world. Watching the three of you grow and develop your own funny and sweet personalities has enriched our lives in many ways.

Your little quirks bring laughter into our lives. Toby, when you play with your beloved raggedy taxi cab, it reminds us of Linus and his security blanket from Peanuts. Chloe, when you tilt your head to the side and lift one pay because you’re curious, you look so adorable. Kingston, when you try to talk to us and get extremely excited every time you see your family (dog or human), you bring us so much joy.

We as a family have gone through some tough times recently, when Kaylee (Toby, your wife, and Chloe and Kingston, your mom), recently passed away, but you all helped ease our sadness with your cute faces and wagging tails. We won’t forget Kaylee’s playful barks and love of belly rubs. Chloe and Kingston, we see so much of her in you. You all bring us so much fun and happiness. It is a joy to watch you all jump around with excitement whenever we’re around.  Thank you for your devotion to us.

We love you.


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