Dear Bubba,


My emotions surge as I write this letter. You aren’t here anymore but your spirit is. You have left a big impression on your family and many others.

I remember picking you up from the dog pound. You were the cutest bundle of love. I saw your whispys that dangled from your ears and thought how beautiful and special.

You grew quickly into a beautiful young lady. Many people asked if you were a movie star dog. That is how beautiful you were. You were just as incredible inside.

We have had many dogs and will continue to have many more, but the thing that stands out most about you–and it is the thing that I just can’t shake–is that you were an intuitive gentle soul, with manners that were amazing. You could read a situation or take over as if you were in my mind.

You always greeted people laying on your back. When someone sat down in a chair, you would go over to them and gently put both paws on their leg in a neat way: one paw on top of the other paw. It was so elegant.

So many attributes about you are amazing. Here is an example of your intuitiveness: I remember bringing your human sister (my baby girl) from the hospital. I never doubted your devotion to me but I was surprised at how you extended that to your human sister. You treated her like she was your baby and laid in front of her door every night, as if to say, “Go to sleep mom, I am standing guard here.” You also let her hold onto you as she grew and learned to stand and walk. You kept her clean after her breakfast, lunch and dinner. You became her faithful companion. She didn’t know it yet but you were teaching her how to be gentle and caring. You would gently nudge her hand for a pet. Sometimes she would shoo you away but you were persistent. You slept with her and watched endless TV with her.

Your lessons didn’t go unnoticed, for she organized a yard sale and donated all the proceeds to go build a shelter for strays. I know that you were on her mind as she did this. Thank you for helping me to raise a beautiful young lady with an intuitive gentle soul.

Love forever,

Breed: Shepherd Mix


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