Nate Berkus to Unveil Dream Dog Park


Yeah, we’ve had plenty of “dreams” involving a Nate “fantasy”… but none of them involved a dog park. Oh, well.

We kid, we kid. It’s about time this design dude turned his attention to our four-legged friends! Thanks to for getting the scoop:

Nate Berkus/ Instagram

(Nate Berkus/ Instagram)

There’s one thing designer Nate Berkus loves just as much as a geometric print or a vintage lamp: dogs. And, more specifically, his own dog Tucker, an adorable black mix whose main passions in life are squirrels and tennis balls.

That’s why Berkus was thrilled when Beneful brand dog food invited him to Lancaster, Pa., to help unveil their third $500,000 Dream Dog Park renovation—a paradise for dogs and their owners featuring a 40-foot-long roller coaster bridge, a mulch exercise path, a tennis ball tree, and tons of other fun canine-friendly attractions. Next year, he’ll help one lucky winner design a new dream dog park in their own community.

The interior designer and TV personality is also busy gearing up for his new NBC show, American Dream Builders, in which top designers and architects from around the country will put their talents to the test tackling extreme home renovations.

On designing a dog-friendly living space. 
“Tucker likes to sit on the sofa, and he sleeps in the bed every night, so my priorities have always been people first, then pets, then design. But there are ways of living with beautiful design and having people and pets in the same space. I tend not to use light fabrics on major pieces of furniture. I also think it’s important to have storage; if you walk into my home, there are [toys] all over the floor, Tucker’s little stuffed animals that he picks out of his basket and puts wherever he likes.”

On his dog Tucker’s ideal dog park. 
“He’s pretty simple. If the park had tennis balls and lots of squirrels, he would be happy! But we have a half a million dollars to spend, so I think it’s going to be more expensive than that. And based on what I saw today in Lancaster, Pa., it’s going to be a complete fantasy, both for dogs and their owners.”

Lucky dogs!


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