Jeremy Renner’s Lost Dog is Found!


What would you do if your dog went missing for over a month? Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner set up a Facebook page and offered a $5000 reward when his French bulldog Hemi escaped from his L.A. home.

The good samaritan who found Hemi did not accept the money, according to omg!:

Hemi was found with the help of Sarah Sypniewski and her company Ninja Dog Concepts. Hemi’s case was Sarah’s 50th successful rescue.

Sarah told omg! the full story of how Hemi’s rescue came about. On Thursday, a woman called Renner’s friend Kristoffer Winters and said she had him — in Visalia, CA. She first said (and then later said she was mistaken) that her son had found him on a street in Hollywood near where Hemi got out and that he put up flyers in the area to try to find the owners and also took him to get scanned for a microchip but that nothing came up. He couldn’t keep Hemi, so he brought him to his mom in Visalia. Videos and photos were exchanged to confirm, and it did indeed appear to be Hemi.

So, Kristoffer and his mom, Valerie (along with Digby, another family dog), drove up to Visalia Thursday night to retrieve Hemi at the woman’s house. The meeting was very brief and Valerie called to Hemi through the fence. He immediately put his paws up on the fence to greet her, and when Digby saw him, the two went crazy with happiness! Kristoffer scooped Hemi right up and got him in the car, and they drove home.

Sarah says that Hemi is currently in good general health. He went to the vet to get a full workup — an exam, blood tests, bath, and a microchip. He has gotten new collars and ID tags, and even a GPS unit for his collar!
Welcome home, Hemi!



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