Dear Stuart,

I remember the second I saw you, I knew that you would be my forever best friend. You were so scared in that kennel and you didn’t even know what grass was. It took you a long time to just accept that I was going to love you and snuggle on you. You have been through so many health issues in your 14 years, and you always seem to push through it! The day I brought Aubrey home from the hospital, I could see in your eyes how much you loved her. You have been so good to that little girl! I know the world is a much different place for you now, having gone completely blind, but I still see so much love and hope in your eyes. I know our days together are becoming less and less, and I want you to know you are just the best little old man ever! I will miss you forever when you go, but my world has been forever changed because of you. I will sure miss our nightly bag of popcorn we share!

Breed: Bichon


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