Dear Scooter,

In 2009 you came into my life. You came from a rough home and you may think that I rescued you–but you saved me. You saved me from loneliness, bad memories from my past and taught me how to trust again. You comfort me when I’m sad and you sneak onto the bed at night just to be closer to me–even though you know if dad catches you he will kick you off. You’re the stealer of the couch, the pillows, the covers and my heart. You always bring a smile to my face. Nothing can ever compare to the love I feel for you in my heart. Words will never come close to explaining how you have saved me and how you stole my heart within seconds of meeting you. I love you babe. Forever. Always.

P.S. I will give you Taco Bell whenever your little heart desires.

Love, your momma

Breed: Walker Coonhound


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