Dear Oreo,


I brought you home when you were just 9 weeks old, and you loved me unconditionally from the very first moment. Oreo, I miss you terribly, and the pain of losing you is sometimes hard to bear. You were the best “puppy” anyone could ever ask for and your spirit will live in my heart forever.

Bambi wanders the house looking for you and I know that she, too, is heartbroken. You will always be my “puppy” and I will always love you, as you loved me for the 10 years that we shared together.

Daddy, Christopher, Katy, Devie and Bambi miss you too and we all send our love to you in Doggie Heaven.

Love, Mommy

My sweet boy, Oreo, left us on February 27, 2012.

Breed: Lab/Hound


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