Dear Lily,

I’ll never forget when I first saw you.

You were skinny and scared. In the shelter they told me that someone left you by side of the road with your newborn puppies.

It was in October and it was very cold. Your puppies did not survive, but here you are.

At that time, I was searching pages of local shelters and saw your picture. I knew immediately that I had to take you home in spite of my dear, who said “I do not want a dog in the house.”

It has been nine months since you came into our lives and became a family member. Not only do you have sympathy for all of us, but you’ve become a part of our hearts and our lives. I am happy that we can provide you a good and safe life.

You are my eternal little shadow next to my feet and I’m happy you filled my life with happiness and love!

Breed: Pekingese and Chihuahua Mix


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